Summer Love Candle - Mint Green

Summer Love Candle - Mint Green

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Brand: Aromatales

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our summer love candles are made in handcrafted artisian vessels. made with so much soul, indulge in these beautiful candles or gift them to someone special.they are infused with citrus bergamot oil, so soak in some me time and get charged for a new day.


  • Overall: w 8.5cm x d 8.7cm x h 8.7cm


  • We recommend keeping your items indoors only.
  • The jars are good for only dry eatables.
  • Clear spills as soon as possible to avoid staining.
  • Avoid dropping the items as they may break on high impact.
  • You can re use the jar for storage or pot a plant in them once you have enjoyed the candle.

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