Hand Carved Vintage Glass Cabinet
Hand Carved Vintage Gl...
₹ 18,999
Dramatic Metal Braces Cabinet
Dramatic Metal Braces ...
₹ 31,999
Inside-Out Hand Carved Cabinet
Inside-Out Hand Carved...
₹ 24,999
Ocean Hand Carved Cabinet
Ocean Hand Carved Cabinet
₹ 33,999
Hand Carved Mangifera Industrial Cabinet
Hand Carved Mangifera ...
₹ 31,999
Hand Carved Two Door Cabinet with Mirror Work
Hand Carved Two Door C...
₹ 31,999
Mod Weave Textured Cabinet
Mod Weave Textured Cab...
₹ 36,999
Handcarved Beadboard Cabinet
Handcarved Beadboard C...
₹ 29,999
Metal Ornamented Wood Caved Cabinet
Metal Ornamented Wood ...
₹ 49,999
Hand Crafted Beaded Wooden Cabinet
Hand Crafted Beaded Wo...
₹ 40,999
Sold Out
Vintage Hand Painted Bar Cabinet
Vintage Hand Painted B...
₹ 21,999
Island Kitchen Media Cabinet
Island Kitchen Media C...
₹ 26,999
Mod Weave Textured Side Board
Mod Weave Textured Sid...
₹ 64,999

The Nucleus of Your Home: Handcrafted Furniture

Your home is an extension of you and your loved ones who reside in it; a reflection of your combined personalities and the warmth of your everyday family banter. It’s important to find furniture that echos this, and blends into your living space seamlessly. So, whether it’s your entire home you wish to furnish or just one specific room, never forget to choose furniture that defines you. From the choice of material and textures to the upholstery and colours, we’ll take you on a  journey of discovering the perfect pieces of handcrafted furniture that make your house a home. And, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll be happy to custom design it for you!

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