Temple Bells
Temple Bells
Temple Bells
Temple Bells

Temple Bells

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Brand: Studio Trataka

Hurry! Only 10 in stock

Hurry! Only 10 in stock
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The Temple Bells as the name signifies these are the bell which is commonly seen in Hindus temple at the entrance of the temple. The sound the comes from bells is very auspicious in the same way these Temple bell lights give your home the same positivity and cultural feel to your home.

These handcrafted hanging lights not only brightens up your house but also gives a very classic feel to your house. Customer may also buy individual bell pendants. There are 3 sizes available.

* Made to order. Ships in 20-25 days.


  • Large: 7.8" diameter x 9.4" height
  • Medium: 5.7" diameter x 7.8" height
  • Small: 5.1" diameter x 6.6" height


  • To be wiped with a dry cloth.

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